Monday, 4 April 2016

The WforW LitFest Day on April 16th

By Margaret Graham

The WforW LitFest Day on April 16th 
 fast approaches.

The venue: 
Downley Community Centre, School Close, 
Downley, High Wycombe HP13 5TR.

The line up of speakers is incredibly exciting.

Elizabeth Buchan, one of our patrons and No 1 Sunday Times bestselling author, is our keynote speaker. She will kick off the day in what I know will be her usual hilarious and knowledgeable style. I will be in conversation with her, though whether I will get a word in edgeways remains to be seen.

She’ll be talking about I Can’t Begin to Tell You, her latest bestselling novel set in Denmark in the 2nd World War. Or she will if I have anything to do with it because it’s such a great book, and I want to know the background to it: the research, the characters, and how she actually writes. I wonder what she’s working on now? Well, we’ll find out.

We also have Jemima Hunt, the founder of The Writer’s Practice. Jemima is a writer, editor and literary agent and she’s going to explain about the importance of editing one’s work. It’s a really tricky thing to do so I will be listening hard. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from an expert, someone who might, in addition, be able to tell us what is likely to be the next big thing so we can get an inside edge on what we should be writing in order to be the next BIG bestseller.

This year we’ve carved out an hour and a half for lunch because chat and networking seems a vital part of our LitFest Day. Food, wine, and good conversation, what could be better?

Well, how about Tracy Baines, the doyen of the womens’ magazine short story? This whirling invigorating dervish will talk us through the ins and outs - not just of the components of short story writing - but how to write for a particular market. This of course will vastly increase the chances of selling the story and is  an invaluable guide for anyone wanting to tackle something shorter than a novel, or indeed, for someone who enjoys reading the stories in womens’ magazines. Have a look behind the scenes with Tracy, and see how it’s actually done.

* If you’ve always wanted to find out how to crack the short story market Tracy and Margaret are doing a Words for the Wounded Short Story Day Workshop in September 2016. We will be posting the details  in the summer.

Catherine Balavage,  actress, writer, blogger and owner/editor of the popular Frost Magazine is rounding off the day.

The WforW team is really thrilled that Catherine can spare the time in her busy life to support our LitFest Day, but then she is a massive friend of WforW, and this year, as last year, she is publishing the results of the Independent Author Book Award on June 6th. There will be a review of each of the top three books as well as the opportunity for each of the winners to write a feature for publication in Frost Magazine.

Catherine will be in conversation with Margaret and they’ll be talking about how to blog, how to create an on-line magazine, and about her three books: on acting, weddings and the burgeoning world of blogging. 

We are delighted that Paul Vates, actor and playwright will be reading excerpts of our speakers works.

It’s going to be a great day. Margaret’s kids and the lovely Josh will be beavering behind the scenes producing coffee, tea, cakes, lunch and heaven knows what. Let’s hope they leave some wine for the rest of us.  

A few LitFest tickets are still available for the WforW LitFest ( on April 16th 9.30 – 5.00. £35 to include lunch with wine.

Tickets available from: Words for the Wounded, 12 Woodcote Green, Downley, High Wycombe, HP13 5UN. Send a cheque made out to Words for the Wounded  and a SAE.

* As you are all aware by now the three grannies who run Words for the Wounded absorb all the costs of the charity, which enables every penny raised to go to the wounded.

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