Thursday, 4 July 2013

Battle Back Are Receiving Funds From Your Entry Fees

Well, this first year has whizzed by and we are ready to write our cheque for Battle Back who will receive £1800 of funds from our 2012 Words for the Wounded writing prize. Every penny raised from your entries goes direct to helping our wounded personnel.
The Battle Back programme is a UK Military initiative funded by Help for Heroes. Battle Back uses Adaptive Adventure Training and Sports Rehabilitation to help seriously wounded Service personnel participate in sporting activities – and we’re not talking tiddlywinks here! The sky’s the limit, literally, and the ingenuity and courage of both trainers and sportsmen is incredible. The focus is all about what can be achieved not what can’t. Confidence and independence soars with regular sporting activity.
The Battle Back scheme was formally launched on 28 July 2008, exactly 60 years after Sir Ludwig Guttmann created the first Stoke Mandeville Disabled Games.
Not everyone wants or feels able to run a marathon, bungee jump or abseil down a block of flats. Physical activity may not be your forte and so other sponsored events to contribute may pass you by (especially if you’re anything like me!).
So sharpen your brains and your pencils and get ready for this year’s competition.
This year we have a theme - The Journey. This could be a physical journey, an emotional, or a mental journey, a flight of fancy. Take it as you will and use it to create a piece of flash fiction, fact, or poetry, you decide, but remember the 400 word limit. Give us a flash! 

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