Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Count down to the Muddy Military Challenge - 5 days to go by Margaret

Yes, we're ticking off the days, feeling totally confident - not. But the weather is set fair for rain, of course, which will wash off the mud as we go. Well, we have to put a positive spin on these things.
Last year Penny, Jan and Annie plunged from a plane and raised a lot of money. Grannie Graham couldn't do it at the last moment because of an old injury. So disappointing, but this year we decided to stay earthbound.
Penny drifting on the thermals

So, the whole Words for the Wounded team, together with our families will be present and correct,  for the Mud Challenge arranged by www.actiondaysout.co.uk   Nonie, Josie and Meg deserve a special mention because they're coming straight from the airport after enjoying a holiday in Zante.
Josh, our lovely PR bloke has been hard at work creating photos to illustrate the fun of it all?!

Jan in a refreshing mud bath

You will note that we are smiling. These smiles will stay pinned on our faces on the day.
Margaret stroking through...
I feel that our smiles would be good and broad, if those scaling the wall below were actually to be with us on the day. I gather there will be ex-servicemen shouting at us from the sidelines, but we've got grandkids so they're chicken feed. The tunnels might well be an opportunity for a little rest...

As well as the above hurdles, there are streams to ford, tunnels to crawl through, this, that and the other to overcome - 30 in all. 
This year we are supporting Combat Stress, Forces Support, Veterans with Dogs, and The Limbless Veterans (Blesma) and individuals.

So, the Words for the Wounded writing competition is over, the LitFest Day put to bed, soon the Mud Challenge will be a distant memory. Is that it? 

We'll be telling you more very soon about the Chindi's Words for the Wounded LitFest weekend , that the fantastic Chindi writers of Chichester are organising to raise yet more funds for WforW to help us help others.

So, back to Sunday 23 August - we will be letting you know how we do, of course. There will be photos (oh crikey) with smiles grimly in place.

If any of you feel like supporting the wounded, click on the link, because every penny Words for the Wounded raises goes to the wounded. We absorb all costs. Thanks so much to everyone who has already contributed this year. We are so grateful.

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